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Hosting a kids birthday party

We are fast approaching Little K’s fourth birthday (FOUR? How on earth has that happened so quickly?!) and we will also be hosting her first proper children’s birthday party.

Although we have held parties every year, they have just been for family and therefore end up with mainly adults and older children, which becomes more of an excuse to get the family together than a real kids birthday party. But now that she is four and has been to parties for some of her friends from nursery we couldn’t shy away from a true children’s party any longer.

First decision to make when planning a kid’s party: Will you hold the party at home? Will you book a venue?

This was a real tough one for me. I love putting on a party and last year really threw myself into the planning of Little K’s Mary Poppin’s themed family party. But I didn’t have a full-time job then. Also, if I’m honest, the cost of all the decorations, themed items, games, not to mention the food(!) was far more than we could do too often. For this year we have decided to host two parties. One for children, Little K’s friends from nursery, booked at a local Wacky Warehouse, and one at home for or family, a smaller scale tea party.

We have written out invites and taken them to nursery to be handed out and are collecting responses ready for me to confirm with the venue. However, with the RSVP date only 3 days away, I have only had responses (positive or negative) from 9 out of 25 parents. The invites were sent over 3 weeks ago. Is it just me who finds that a little rude? I don’t actually know any of the parents and don’t have their contact details so can’t contact them directly, but I just respond to all invites we receive, whether we can attend or not, and well within the time given to RSVP. Maybe I’m being a bit early in my rant, as we do have two days left… let’s wait and see!

Other than invites, everything else is covered by the venue; Soft play, food, party bags meaning there is little for me to have to worry about except a cake (we will just be buying a shop bought one) and decorations (as we have not hired the entire venue this will just be a couple of balloons tied to chairs around the table). And that is the main reason we decided on having it outside the house. The cost of the venue far outweighed the further stress of planning and organising! I just don’t have the time and/or energy at the moment to have to host two parties in consecutive weekends.

All that is then left is to organise the family party, which is going to be rainbow and unicorn themed. Meaning she already has most of the props I will use as she is currently obsessed with it! I will order a couple of balloons and minimal decorations. I have a shopping list of food from last year, so will follow a very similar list this year. My mum is making the cake. I have a couple of game ideas, which require little advance preparation (but with 15 adults and only 6 kids of varying ages it’s not a high priority)!

With four weeks to go I feel relatively in control… For now! Is there anything I’ve forgotten? Any tips to make planning go smoothly? What is your go to party food?

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