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How to make mealtimes easier with young children

One issue I have struggled with for a little while will not be unheard of for parents of toddlers: Dinnertime. Our problems are threefold: 1. Healthy eating 2. Sitting nicely 3. Speed (or lack thereof!)

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Kids & Parenting

Simple Remembrance Day Crafts for young children

With my grandad, dad and husband all serving in the armed forces Remembrance has always been an important time for me, and something that I want to pass forward to Little K. Her due date was also 11th November so very apt! One way I found best to get her involved was to create an activity based on Remembrance of her level and talk to her around this.  Last year, we created some poppy based crafts, which she really enjoyed, and I wanted to share these ideas with you.

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Kids & Parenting

Hosting a kids birthday party

We are fast approaching Little K’s fourth birthday (FOUR? How on earth has that happened so quickly?!) and we will also be hosting her first proper children’s birthday party.