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Things to do before I’m 30 – Update

I thought I'd give you an update on how I'm doing... With only 3 months to go, I think I need to get my skates on!

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Disneyland Paris

2018 is upon us, and already flying by... 10 days in and I have been promising myself every day that I would finally sit down and write! And finally I made it!

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Great North Run 2017

I'm sure you're all pleased to here I am still alive! Three days after my half marathon I am still hurting all over, but I am alive. AND I made it to the finish line!

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‘No Poo’ Update

It’s definitely no worse than it was while using shampoo and conditioner but I don’t see any improvement yet. My hair looks OK when pulled back into the bun, although there are days I am tempted by dry shampoo, but as soon as I let it out of the bun, it looks an absolute mess. If only 'Greasy Scarecrow' was an acceptable look...