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Alone time

When I first started this blog, my best friend gave me a suggestion for a post:

‘How does it make you feel during moments to yourself? Do you enjoy them? Do you feel guilty about enjoying them? Do you try to plan them? What is your dream 15 minutes alone. Being a parent but wanting time alone. How does it make you feel?’

I have been saving this for now, as I am about to have 2 WHOLE DAYS to myself.

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What a difference a bag can make!

After months of moaning about how much I can’t stand our changing bag, I have finally treated myself to the BabyMel Frankie bag in navy stripe and I’m already excited to use it! It’s just arrived and I love it!

Buying all the gear before you have the baby makes you feel so prepared, but since having Little K I can’t help but feel like most of it was useless or not as practical as we thought. As far as I was concerned before she was born ‘A changing bag is just a changing bag… it doesn’t matter what one it is…’ Oh how wrong I was! Continue reading “What a difference a bag can make!”

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Transitions – Moving to the ‘Big room’

Little K started nursery when she was around 11 months in preparation for me going back to work. Since then we have been caught up in a whirlwind of snot, coughs, sniffle and eye gunk (what a pretty picture I paint!), but she loves it. From day one we have not had a single tear (on either side!) and since Day 2 she is practically running from me when we arrive.

Last Friday, when I left her, she ran off to start playing, turned around and blew me a kiss, I blew a kiss back, said goodbye and walked out. And I cried. (We’re not talking full blown sobbing, but there was definitely more than a single tear!)

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Mummy Wins – Intro

When Little K was around four months old I came up with the idea of a ‘Mummy Win’. It was a little pat on the back to myself when something went right. I felt like I was drowning a lot of the time, and just needed to acknowledge that it was all OK, and in amongst all the crazy, we were heading in the right direction!

Sometimes it was the big things; she slept through the night, she managed to self-settle and other times it was much smaller; I have brushed my hair and my teeth and it is before noon! Ah, the joys of early motherhood. Continue reading “Mummy Wins – Intro”