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Winnie-the Pooh : Exploring a Classic

Isn’t it funny how your priorities change as you get older? Once, my birthday would have been spent on a pub crawl, or dancing the night away in a crowded club… How did I spend my birthday this year? I went to the Winnie-the-Pooh: Exploring a Classic exhibition at the V&A Museum.

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Sleepy time… 

I realise I've been quiet for a while... Far too long in fact. It's been a bit busy at our end. Work has picked up massively meaning less time to blog in the office! (Hope my boss isn't reading!) However sitting on Little K's floor at 11pm, I find myself with time to spare... Apparently… Continue reading Sleepy time… 

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What a difference a bag can make!

After months of moaning about how much I hate our changing bag, I have finally treated myself to the BabyMel Frankie bag in navy stripe and I’m already excited to use it! It’s just arrived and I already love it!