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Sleepy time… 

I realise I’ve been quiet for a while… Far too long in fact. It’s been a bit busy at our end. Work has picked up massively meaning less time to blog in the office! (Hope my boss isn’t reading!)

However sitting on Little K’s floor at 11pm, I find myself with time to spare…

Apparently the horror that we’re currently dealing with is the ‘2 year old sleep regression’. Now I have to be honest, as a new mum I read about sleep regressions and had all the apps that would notify me when they were coming… Lucky I did because they didn’t make the blindest bit if difference to Little K. She has always been a wonderful sleeper (takes after her mum!). But maybe being smug for too long is at last coming back to bite me. I can’t remember the last time she slept through a whole night. 

In the past week alone we’ve had wake ups at 1am followed by not sleeping until 5.. The next night waking up at 4am as of that’s a normal time to get up! I think my maximum so far is four wake ups in one night so I know I don’t have it as hard as some but my goodness I can feel the difference!  

It’s now 11pm and we’re on wake up number two of the night. 

She used to go to sleep so well on her own but for the past few weeks I’ve had to literally climb into bed with her (she’s no longer in her cot… getting such a big girl!) until she fell asleep which was killing my neck and back so the last few night’s I have been slowly moving myself away and now hust sit next to the bed. Obviously the long term goal being that she can go to sleep by herself. 

For now, though I may be ‘making a rod for my own back’ I would rather she had positive sleep associations rather than screaming herself into a lonely sleep. 

I will provide a full update soon… Since my last post we’ve been on two holidays, Had her first experience of flying (not as bad as I expected!), a new found love of Frozen (“More Anna!!”) moved into a big girls bed, started ballet classes and started potty training… not to mention that its her 2nd Birthday next week! 

So much to take you through… but it finally seems that she’s gone back into a deep sleep so I can attempt the fatigued mother silent creep out of the bedroom… wish me luck! 

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At the start of the year, as many of us do, I list out my resolutions. My list for 2017 looked something like this:

  1. Stop biting my nails (this has been at the top of my list since I got teeth and learnt what resolutions were!)
  2. Lose 10 pounds (HA! Gave up on this around day 3)
  3. Reduce screen time (May have done, but am not actively tracking…)
  4. Drink more water (Don’t think one glass a day counts as a success…)
  5. Read one book a month (I’ve read three so far… not doing so well!)
  6. Get up earlier (LOL)
  7. Start a blog (At least I can tick one off!)

Now, I learnt a long time ago that I probably won’t keep any of my resolutions. But I never worked out why I would fail so quickly.

Having done some reading, I have realised the trap I fall into every time. My goals are too wide, and there are too many of them. I cannot stick to ‘Drink more water’ for a whole year. More water than when? Yesterday? Last Monday? If I keep drinking more than I did the day before I’ll turn into a puddle. And how am I meant to keep track of all of the above things at any one time?!

Not only this, but why am I tricked into feeling like I can only make these resolutions on January 1st? Do I now have to wait another 12 months before making any further attempts to create better, healthier habits?

With this in mind, I’ve decided to make myself monthly resolutions. Like those ever popular 30 days challenges. The theory being that a habit is formed in two weeks and that 30 days isn’t too long to focus on one thing. Focus on one area of personal development for 1 month, if it works, great, I can continue it, as a habit not a focus. If it doesn’t, I’ve given it a try and can let it go.

I am currently undertaking my 30 days ‘No Poo’ regime and my new morning routine so those are my personal developments for this month. Alongside this I am going to set myself a parenting resolution. Something that can enhance my time with Little K and can build our relationship, and improve our time together. For August, I have decided upon:

Be More Creative in Play’

I find that whenever I am playing with Little K, I always stick to the same things. We always play with the same toys, sing the same songs and read the same books (currently the classic ‘Each Peach Pear Plum’ is a favourite, along with a singing Winnie the Pooh book). She loves playing with dry pasta and bowls, and generic household items. I want to encourage creativity and ‘outside the box’ thinking in her and at the minute, but I don’t really feel it myself! Last weekend, we had a picnic in the living room with all her toys, which was lovely for both of us and she really enjoyed it, especially ‘sharing’ all her food with her cuddly friends. I’m going to make her a drum kit out of pots and pans this week and have some noisy fun… Neighbours, beware!