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The joys of a first family holiday…

In October last year, we had our first proper family holiday. Figured we had better book in while Little K was under 2 to make use of the her travelling for free! We spent months trying to work out where we wanted to go. There were so many things to consider for travelling with a toddler that we just hadn’t worried about before..

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2018 – Updates on the way!

2018 is upon us, and already flying by… 10 days in and I have been promising myself every day that I would finally sit down and write!

And finally I made it!

Things have been pretty crazy in the past couple of months and I cannot believe how much Little K has grown and developed in that time. Granted, she still isn’t great at going to sleep, and we still watch Frozen almost every day, but her progress is incredible.

So, since our last proper update, what have we been up to? I think to fit it all in I am going to try and commit to one post a day for the next week or so, to ensure that I don’t bombard you (and bore you!) in one super long blog post….

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Yummy Mummy

Today, someone at work said I was a Yummy Mummy. I know this was mean to be a compliment, but am I the only one who just doesn’t get it?! Cake is yummy.

I don’t remember ever being described as ‘yummy’ before I gave birth, so what makes me ‘yummy’ now?

I am not edible; and to be honest, I don’t even look that tasty.

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