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Frozen – A bit of a fixer upper…

I have mentioned before that Little K has a new found love of all things Disney since our trip to Disneyland Paris in September 2017. At the moment, this is encompassed in an obsession with watching Frozen. We have watched it at least once a day for months.

Honestly, I’m a massive Disney fan. I spent Little K’s formative months whilst I was on maternity leave watching an array of Disney films in the hope that she would grow to love them also… I can be quoted as often saying ‘I’m more than happy for her to watch Frozen but as long as she loves the others more!’ Not that I had anything against Frozen, I actually wanted to dislike it, but when I did get round to watching it, to my surprise I thoroughly enjoyed it.


I have to say after the 20 something-th time of watching, I started to become aware of some issues with this film, and the more I watch, the more I notice. So here’s 23 problems I have with Frozen…

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2018 – Updates on the way!

2018 is upon us, and already flying by… 10 days in and I have been promising myself every day that I would finally sit down and write!

And finally I made it!

Things have been pretty crazy in the past couple of months and I cannot believe how much Little K has grown and developed in that time. Granted, she still isn’t great at going to sleep, and we still watch Frozen almost every day, but her progress is incredible.

So, since our last proper update, what have we been up to? I think to fit it all in I am going to try and commit to one post a day for the next week or so, to ensure that I don’t bombard you (and bore you!) in one super long blog post….

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