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Great North Run 2017

I’m sure you’re all pleased to hear that I am still alive! Three days after my half marathon I am still hurting all over, but I am alive. AND I made it to the finish line!

Two hours 42 minutes was my final finish time, and I am absolutely thrilled with that! From so little training I managed to pull it out the bag on the day. The last time I ran in 2013 I completed in 2 hours 33, so to add only nine minutes, with little training, and having had a child in the meantime, is one hell of an achievement for me.

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An Overdue Catch Up!

Sorry I’ve been quiet for a while, it’s been a pretty hectic few weeks!

Happy Back to School week to all those mummy’s and daddy’s with school aged children! 6 full weeks to entertain those little darlings? I salute you!

I haven’t got a themed post for you today, just a little catch up on what’s been going on since I was last here…

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Morning coffe
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Morning Routine. Update.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the desire to change my morning routine and get myself into new, better habits, and I said I’d keep you updated.

So here’s the update: I failed miserably!

How do people find the motivation/commitment/energy to get up earlier than is completely necessary?!

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‘No Poo’ Method

Last week I decided to give the ‘No Poo’ Method a go for the next month. And no, for those of you who don’t know, I am not planning on spending the next month severely constipated! The ‘No Poo’ method is a movement in which people are washing their hair without using shampoo. The idea being that shampoo contains lots of chemicals and nasty things which actually strip away the natural oils of the hair. In return for this, the hair produces more oil to make up for it, which causes hair to become greasy.

I have suffered from greasy hair my whole life. I wash it at night, and by the morning, it needs a good bit of dry shampoo to get it looking presentable. I have become a slave to having to wash my hair every single day and it feels like a massive waste of time, money and energy. Continue reading “‘No Poo’ Method”

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Social Media Plug

Apparently there is no point in having a blog these days unless you can back it up with a social media presence.

Now this is where I get lost… I have managed to create an Instagram and Facebook page for the blog (@theadlibmummy on both, go follow!), but now have to work out how Twitter works! I had a Twitter account years ago and couldn’t figure it out, so will be spending my day sorting through this… Any advice welcome!