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Changing Bag Review: Babymel Frankie

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Changing bags are one of the things I really didn’t think too much about before having Little K. I just bought the one that matched our pram, it was relatively cheap and looked practical enough. You can read what I thought about that one here.

Six months down the line, I figured it’s a good time to let you know how I got on with the Babymel Frankie Changing Bag* I was so please about purchasing last year.


Overall : I love it as much now as I did the day it arrived.

The bag has two large pockets on the front, one in which we keep the changing mat, and one in which I keep easily accessible snacks so I can quickly grab something any time a hunger induced breakdown begins.

The main section opens wide and can easily fit so much inside! I don’t take my handbag anywhere with me when Little K is out with me, as this changing bag holds everything!

There are two elasticated pockets inside the main bag which I use to hold wipes and nappies so I know exactly where they are in times of need!

The bag got a wipe clean inner lining and outer fabric, which means it still looks as perfect now after six months every day use as it did on day one. A big plus!

The two pockets on either end are a good size and easily fit Little K’s beaker so it is easy to grab when required and won’t spill on anything else

One of my favourite things about this changing bag is the stroller straps. I found with previous changing  bags the straps for strollers didn’t hold the bag properly and often meant the bag was stretched so I couldn’t get into them properly. Not on the Frankie bag. They are fantastic. They are held by Velcro and strap around the stroller at the perfect point, meaning the bag doesn’t sit too low (a problem my husband has as he has long legs and ends up kicking the bag if it is too low).

I will happily recommend this bag to anyone looking for a changing bag that is completely practical, looks good and won’t break the bank.

I just wish I had gone for this from day one… Would have saved a lot of bother!

Thank you Babymel!

Changing Bag Review - BabyMel Frankie #babymel #changingbag #babychange

Changing Bag - BabyMel Frankie #babymel #changingbag #babychange

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