Toddler Tantrum Number 10 - She didn't have enough cushions... She had ALL the cushions!
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10 Toddler Tantrums before 10am

Don’t get me wrong, Little K is just like any other toddler. She has tantrums like the best of them. But this morning was different. It was like she woke up and just thought. Today is a day for tantrums.

She has been away for a week with her Daddy visiting family, while I stayed home and worked… and enjoyed the freedom of a child-free social life! (Three times at the theatre in one week, that’s more than I went the entire of 2017!)

They returned yesterday, and it would seem that in their time away I have forgotten how to be a parent… Either that or Little K is tantrum-ing head first into the terrible 2’s that we’ve been dreading!

It’s currently 10am and we have already had the following tantrums:

  1. I put her breakfast bowl at the wrong side of the table… (I won’t mention that she had placed her chair there and was sitting on it at the time!)
  2. I wouldn’t let her sticky yogurt covered hands all over my brand new laptop
  3. I started reading a book from the beginning… Not the 5th page which was clearly the correct way
  4. There was a ‘piece missing’ from her perfectly completed puzzle…

    Toddler antrum Number Four - There was a piece missing from this jigsaw...
    Tantrum Number Four – There was a piece missing from this jigsaw…
  5. I didn’t put her breakfast in her Christmas bowl, and when I did I did it wrong
  6. Because I finished my cup of tea
  7. My slippers were too big for her feet
  8. Our dog didn’t want to have his tail pulled
  9. I wiped her nose
  10. She didn’t have enough cushions… She had ALL the cushions.


Ten Toddler Tantrums before 10am - Is this the terrible two's? Give me strength
Ten Toddler Tantrums before 10am – Is this the terrible two’s? Give me strength

…and just to make you all smile once more on this Sunny Sunday morning this is how I have been writing this post…. Enjoy your weekend!

She must have known I was writing about her!
The best way to be productive is to have a toddler crawling all over you!

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