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Babyballet: Her Mother’s Dream

In honour of International Ballet Day, I figure there’s no better time to write about our experiences at Little K’s Babyballet classes.

She started back in October last year. Babyballet offer a three session trial period for a reduced price, so we had nothing to lose!

The morning of her first class I was so excited. As a former dancer, I couldn’t wait to see my little angel in a pretty dress, spinning and prancing like a fairy… Oh, I was so wrong!

My husband and I jumped on the train, with Little K chanting ‘dancing, dancing’ over and over. (I had definitely been doing my best the previous week to get her excite about this…)

We arrive at the class, and are greeted by Miss Danielle, who welcomed us and invited us to take a seat on one of the multi coloured mats dotted in a circle around the room. Little K was a bit shy, which surprised me as she’s usually very outgoing, but she wanted nothing more than to sit on my lap and cling to the corners of my cardigan. Good start. All the parents sit in with the children, and join in which is nice… I think the parents enjoy it almost as much as the kids!

The class started with the babyballet warm up; a basic ‘clap your hands, shrug you shoulders’ type things, they are only two year olds after all! Little K sat in wonder. She just stared at Miss Danielle as if she was an alien from outer space.

But soon her interest peaked. The props arrived. Babyballet props, we have learnt over the weeks, range from magic wands and teddy bears to tambourines and bean bags. First up this week were the magic wands. ‘Perfect!’ I thought, here’s my dancing-like-a-fairy dream come true… except it wasn’t. All the other little girls looked like perfect little fairies copying Miss Danielle and spinning around on their tippy toes. Not Little K, she was far too busy smashing her wand into the floor…

She sent more time causing destruction than dancing. We left the class; me feeling a little downcast, my husband triumphant! ‘Doesn’t look like she’ll be a ballerina, I can take her to Saturday morning football now!’

I’m happy to say, over time she has grown to love her babyballet classes and can’t wait for each Saturday so we can go again. Just before Christmas she finished her first term and got her first certificate, which she was thrilled with (probably had more to do with the chocolate coin that came with it)!

We have only been able to attend one class so far this year due to illness and visiting family, but I noticed such an improvement last week. She listens to instructions and follows them (most of the time!), she waits her turn and loves getting praise for doing things right. Her ‘magic feet’ are looking particularly special at the moment, probably due to her first pair of ballet shoes that she received for Christmas!

I love taking her each week and seeing how much she enjoys it. Counting down to next Saturday’s babyballet class already!

Happy International Ballet Day!

Babyballet - Happy International Ballet Day - What better time to share our experiences of our first term at Babyballet classes?

4 thoughts on “Babyballet: Her Mother’s Dream”

  1. Mine loves to dance! She is also incredibly fearless and has shown an interest in cheerleading and street dance, where the smallest one gets thrown around … eek! Mind you I sit here with a bad back and foot caused by many years of conventional ballet, jazz etc in my youth!


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