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Winnie-the Pooh : Exploring a Classic

Isn’t it funny how your priorities change as you get older?

Once, my birthday would have been spent on a pub crawl, or dancing the night away in a crowded club… How did I spend my birthday this year? I went to the Winnie-the-Pooh: Exploring a Classic exhibition at the V&A Museum.

I love the V&A at the best of times, probably my favourite of all the London museums. So add in an exhibition of a childhood favourite and I knew we were onto a winner.

We had pre-booked tickets and as can always be expected when attending something you want to share with your child, she fell asleep in her pram about 5 minutes prior to our time slot! The staff were great, and were more than happy to allow us to come back later in the day when she was awake. I don’t know if this would be the same on a busy weekend day, but was much appreciated.

I would highly recommend this exhibition to anyone in London with (or without!) small children. Upon entering you are greeted with a giant ‘Hallo‘ and a ceiling full of blue balloons as ‘Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon‘ (A. A. Milne). The entire exhibition is beautiful; keeping with the style of the original drawings and for me, had a real calming feel to it, comforting almost.

It had more enough to keep Little K entertained while we were able to have a look around. Tables for drawing, a slide, games and a story corner. It had a Pooh Sticks bridge with moving lights and a little dress up area. Little K particularly loved the slide, anything physical is always her preference, and jumping in the ‘stream’. There were a few children around, but I was surprised to see it was a majority of adults without children. I forget that the love of Winnie-the-Pooh doesn’t seem to age.

Jumping in the sensory stream.. She loved watching the moving lights
Rnig Also : Anything that makes a noise is a sure fire toddler win!

The exhibition itself explores the history of A. A. Milne and his books and showcases the beautiful original pencil drawings by E. H Shepherd.

I am tempted to go back again on my own to have a proper look around and not have to keep a second eye on my little runaway. Although generally she was well behaved, there was so much for her to do she would barely stand still!

All was going well and we were having a lovely time until we finished the exhibition and Little K had a breakdown because she wanted ‘more Winnie da Pooh!’, she was luckily appeased by the promise of watching the film when we got home!

The museum also hold related events like puppet shows and design classes, we weren’t able to attend any of these on this occasion, but am hoping to go back at a later date for this!

The exhibition runs until Sunday 8th April, and advanced booking is recommended, especially on weekends.

For all Winnie-The-Pooh lovers, young and old, this exhibition really is a must!

Winnie-the-Pooh : Exploring a Classic - Things to do in London with young children - Spring 2018

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