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Diaries of an Ad Lib Mummy

I have always tried to keep a diary or journal. Ever since my childhood. I like to write things down. It just works for me. Whether it is fictional writing, diaries, ramblings, musings, lists. I like letting things out.

My journal/diary habit started with an angst ridden diary in my mid- teens, which has lead lead me through numerous gratitude journals, bullet journals (will follow up with another post on how much I love my Bullet Journals!), online journals and finally here, to this blog.

During my writing hiatus at the end of last year, I found myself getting a little down and stressed, and since being back online I have realised that my writing and creativity habits have a direct link to my mood and mental health. I automatically feel better. It makes such a difference to me to have an outlet to get my thoughts and feelings out.

Self care is so important to all of us, but especially to parent who also have others to care for, who we often neglect ourselves for. I have been so focused on the obvious ‘self care’ options; hot baths, face mask, candles that I hadn’t realised that what actually works best for me is to write. Am going to try and move away from my usual ‘I have 15 minutes to myself, what shall I do?’ options and try some new things and see what works…


Self care for 2018

  1. Colouring – I have three colouring books hanging around my flat currently and although I bought all the fancy colouring pencils I still haven’t touched them.
  2. Read – My resolution for 2017 was to read one book each month… I read four books in total. That’s not even close! This year I want to allow myself time to read.
  3. Declutter – There is nothing that makes me feel mentally lighter than seeing bags of clutter making their way either to the bin or the charity shop!
  4. Work on my blog – Still working out where this blog is going and what I want from it. Happy for now, but need to put in some time to really think about this.
  5. Cook a healthy meal – I rarely give myself time to cook a proper meal, and yet there is nothing I love more than sitting down with a colourful plate full of vegetables and knowing that not only does it taste good, but it is doing good for me too.
  6. Listen to music – I cannot remember the last time I listened to music outside of car journeys. I dont think 18 months would be an exaggeration. That is, until I went to see Hamilton at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London and have been listening to the soundtrack non-stop ever since. (Currently writing with my earphones in!)

Inspire me, what does your self care routine look like?



6 thoughts on “Diaries of an Ad Lib Mummy”

  1. As strange as it may sound, coloring helped me a lot with keeping my sanity as a stay at home mom. I used an app on my phone. It had a very therapeutic effect


  2. I seriously love this. Self care is so important, especially with moms who are always taking care of someone else. I have let myself get into a slump lately but just recently bit the bullet to start blogging. Something I really want to start doing for myself again is walking. I used to walk every morning (before we got a mountain of snow piled on us).


    1. I just find writing my blog has given me so much peace with myself… No matter how cliche that sounds! I used to like walking but we live in Central London and there are always tourists in the way! Hopefully moving to a more countryside location later I the year and I will definitely be pulling my walking boots out again! x

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