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Frozen – A bit of a fixer upper…


I have mentioned before that Little K has a new found love of all things Disney since our trip to Disneyland Paris in September 2017. At the moment, this is encompassed in an obsession with watching Frozen. We have watched it at least once a day for months.

Honestly, I’m a massive Disney fan. I spent Little K’s formative months whilst I was on maternity leave watching an array of Disney films in the hope that she would grow to love them also… I can be quoted as often saying ‘I’m more than happy for her to watch Frozen but as long as she loves the others more!’ Not that I had anything against Frozen, I actually wanted to dislike it, but when I did get round to watching it, to my surprise I thoroughly enjoyed it.


I have to say after the 20 something-th time of watching, I started to become aware of some issues with this film, and the more I watch, the more I notice. So here’s 23 problems I have with Frozen…

  1. Where are Kristoff’s parents? Is his dad one of the ice miners at the beginning? If so, is it not dangerous to be taking your young son to do this work?
  2. Why is Kristoff wandering around the woods at night with Sven but no adult supervision at such a young age? Clearly, neglectful parenting.
  3. Did no-one notice when Kristoff was essentially abducted by trolls as a child? Were his parents not concerened at his disappearance?
  4. Kristoff witnesses Grandpabbie troll change Anna’s memory as a child. If he remembers this, which he obviously does (‘I’ve seen him do it before…’) surely he should then be aware of Elsa’s curse from prior to the coronation… He is seen in the town sharing a carrot with Sven before the secret comes out, so is he just playing ignorant?!
  5. How did the king know about the trolls in the woods? And how did he know that they would be able to help… Has this happened in the family before?
  6. Why did changing Anna’s memory save her? She’d been struck by an ice blast, she needed medical attention.
  7. Why did her parents just lock Elsa away? Seriously bad parenting, the poor girl needed counselling! Since when is it ok to lock a child away in a room for however many years? That won’t harbour fear in the slightest…
  8. Prior to the gates being closed did no-one else know about her powers?! She didn’t seem to be hiding them at a young age when she turned the great hall into an ice world… When the king and queen rode off into the woods to save Anna what did the staff think had happened in the hall?!
  9. Why were they then all so surprised when she had powers later on?!
  10. Why did Anna never go outside the castle? Given that she has no powers, surely there is no issue in letting her go out?
  11. Once the King and Queen died, did Elsa still never leave her room, or have human contact? How did she eat? Can she magic up snow food?!
  12. In the three years between her parent’s death and her coronation, who kept the gates closed? Who ruled the kingdom? Who looked after the household? Surely not Elsa, the girl no-one had seen for however many years and never showed her face!?
  13. When the gates open and Anna finally does leave the castle, why is no-one particularly bothered that the never before seen Princess is suddenly prancing and singing among them?
  14. How does Anna know how to ride a horse? If she has never been outside the castle, why would she have her own horse? Where did she learn to ride him?
  15. What exactly are Elsa’s powers? It seems to begin with that she can just make snow and ice… but she can also give life to it (ie. Olaf and Marshmallow) Is she God? And she can make clothes?! How did she know she could do that?!
  16. Let it Go: Why do they make Elsa so sexy in this number?! That strut at the end! She doesn’t have a love interest in the film, no-one is anywhere within miles, why would she be walking like that?
  17. Can Elsa fly? It takes Elsa next to no time to reach the North Mountain and create her castle. Anna however takes at least one full day and night and has help of a reindeer, an ice seller/expert, and a magical living snowman…
  18. What makes trolls ‘love experts’? They seem to know a lot about ice powers and healing, but not much about love. They tried to marry Anna and Kristoff, when a) they’d only just met, a concept Kristoff is horrified by when it’s relevant to Hans, and b) they were both classed by the ‘love experts’ as ‘fixer uppers’ so surely by no means a perfect match? Did the Love Experts not want to check that the two parties actually loved each other and wanted to marry!?
  19. Why doesn’t Elsa tell Anna the full story? We all know your secret now. Elsa has ice powers. Why not tell Anna that you fear for her safety, and that you have hurt her previously…
  20. … and all this fear and love for your sister lead you to create a giant snow monster to banish her from the mountain… because that makes sense.
  21. When Elsa is in the prison she has rather unconventional looking shackles over her hands. Why did Arendelle just have these lying around? In case someone was walking around with magical ice powers? If no-one knew about these powers other than her parents, has they had them made in case it came to a point she was out of control?
  22. An act of true love. This is the first thing that bothered me about this film, and I have to be honest it REALLY bother me. Anna is told that an act of true love will save her… Why is she then not saved when Olaf prepares himself to melt (essentially die..!) to help keep her alive. Is that not more an act of true love, albeit platonic, than a kiss? Then the crazy living snowman jumps up to the window and literally declares: “There’s your act of true love, right there, riding across the fjords like a valiant, pungent, reindeer king!” as Kristoff and Sven return to the city. If that is also an act of true love, why is she once again not saved? THEN, she creates her own act of true love by sacrificing herself to save her sister, but by this point it’s essentially too late, she’s frozen… Except that doesn’t matter, because this is Disney where we can just accept that the magic is real and saved her anyway…
  23. Ice rinks make everyone forgive and forget… End of.

If only I could Let It Go….

2 thoughts on “Frozen – A bit of a fixer upper…”

  1. The trolls being ‘love experts’ always makes me LOL, like they’re 70s style luuuurve experts. We are also mid Frozen mania, although Moana is starting to take over.
    Husband bought the DVD of Brave but I am guilty to say I’ve hidden it for the time being..!


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