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Disneyland Paris

2018 is upon us, and already flying by… 10 days in and I have been promising myself every day that I would finally sit down and write!

And finally I made it!

Things have been pretty crazy in the past couple of months and I cannot believe how much Little K has grown and developed in that time. Granted, she still isn’t great at going to sleep, and we still watch Frozen almost every day, but her progress is incredible.

So, since our last proper update, what have we been up to? I think to fit it all in I am going to try and commit to one post a day for the next week or so, to ensure that I don’t bombard you (and bore you!) in one super long blog post….

I’m just going to pretend that we are all time travelers and just jump back to September last year… We went to Disneyland Paris! My family (parents, auntie and uncle, cousins with their kids etc) had booked a trip months ago, but due to my husbands crazy work schedule we weren’t able to commit. However, a month or so prior, we discovered that he was in fact going to be off for the weekend so we decided to book it as a surprise! My mum was in on the secret so was able to help us plan. We traveled by Eurostar on the Friday, returning on Sunday and had such an amazing two days. We surprised them on the Saturday morning (was supposed to be Friday night, but after a 3 hour delay on the Eurostar… an absolutely joyful experience with a toddler as I’m sure you can imagine!) by turning up to a ride exit as they came off. Needless to say they were not expecting it, and it was really great to see their faces!

Side note: This is just something we do as a family. Always have done. You almost expect someone to turn up on every holiday you book unannounced! My first abroad holiday when I was one was to surprise my Auntie in Menorca. My mum and dad will happily book holidays with other family members and just suddenly arrive at the airport. I had to warn the family not to dare join us on our honeymoon! Which they didn’t, luckily!

Disneyland was fantastic! I have been twice before to Paris, but never with children and it was so special to see it through their eyes. Between the group we had children ranging from 2 months to 9 years old and everyone was kept amused the entire time. Granted I think it took some time for Katie to take it all in, there’s a lot going on and can be overwhelming for even the most confident kids!

We stayed at the Magic Circus hotel (Disney partner) and have to say it was brilliant. So kid friendly. There was an area in the bedroom with bunk beds which a circus curtain could be drawn around, all the decor was circus themed, and Little K loved the dancing horses in the reception.  Only a ten minutes shuttle ride to the parks and Eurostar station, it was in a really good location.  Yes, it may have been a little tired around the edges, but when you go to Disneyland, how long will you really spend at your hotel?! Also, was a bargain price in comparison to the Disney hotel where the rest of the family stayed and no more tired looking than that was!

What did Little K bring away from the trip? A love of princesses! As a big Disney fan myself I couldn’t have been happier! For the first time she was happy to dress up in a Disney princess dress… If I so much as showed her it at home, more often than not she’d just scream at me!

Little K - My little princess
Little K finally wearing a dress!


Will be back for another update tomorrow about our October holiday to Majorca. Another one to rave about!



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