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Great North Run 2017

I’m sure you’re all pleased to hear that I am still alive! Three days after my half marathon I am still hurting all over, but I am alive. AND I made it to the finish line!

Two hours 42 minutes was my final finish time, and I am absolutely thrilled with that! From so little training I managed to pull it out the bag on the day. The last time I ran in 2013 I completed in 2 hours 33, so to add only nine minutes, with little training, and having had a child in the meantime, is one hell of an achievement for me.

It was such an amazing day. We were really lucky with the weather, a cool 14 degrees, with a little sun and little breeze. Perfect running condition (for me at least!). The crowds were fantastic. From cheering and encouragement over the Tyne Bridge at mile 1.5 to people handing out beer to runners at mile 11, they really made the day special.

Thank you to everyone who was out along the course showing your support, or handing out jelly babies and ice lollies, and to every child who I high-fived on the way around the course. I know all the runners really appreciated it, and it definitely helped me keep going to the end.

Only problem now is I want to do it again, and beat my time. I am still aching, but I am still looking forward to the ballot in January so I can get my name in again! But surely I can’t be ‘lucky’ enough to be picked twice in a row?!

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