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An Overdue Catch Up!

Sorry I’ve been quiet for a while, it’s been a pretty hectic few weeks!

Happy Back to School week to all those mummy’s and daddy’s with school aged children! 6 full weeks to entertain those little darlings? I salute you!

I haven’t got a themed post for you today, just a little catch up on what’s been going on since I was last here…

So, where to begin:

No Poo. NO WAY! I gave up at day 28. It was awful, the last week it was just getting worse by the day and I just couldn’t face leaving it even another two days. I caved. Went out and bought myself some nice chemical full shampoos and conditioners and my hair felt amazing! Truly clean for the first time in a month, so light and smooth. I am a bit gutted, because I was really hoping that the natural way would work for me, but in all honestly, I’m just so happy to have clean hair again, I’ll take the chemicals!

Morning routine. FAIL. (I’m seeing a pattern occurring here!) I just can’t do it. I just love sleeping too much. One day…..

My personal development focus for September is less screen time. I am fed up of having my phone stuck to my hand at all times, and being aware if it not within arm’s reach. Just one of the curses of our generation, I guess. So, in my free time I am not going to sit idly scrolling through facebook or Instagram, but am going to be more present in the moment. And I’m going to read a book. An actual book with paper pages… I miss them.

Little K and I had a great time last month being more creative in our play times, and particularly enjoyed sorting all of our fruit pouch lids into colours before threading them onto string to make ‘jewellery’!

For this month, my focus is to find a way for her to eat more vegetables. Nursery always tells me that she eats all her vegetables so beautifully but she won’t touch them for me! Am going to try some hidden veg techniques to see what we can do!

Just a quick little catch-up today, will be back soon with a full post!

Remember: Just keep on keeping on!


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