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‘No Poo’ Update

Following on from my previous post

Day 11 – My hair is so greasy! BUT. It’s the weekend and I’m not scheduled to see anyone, so I’m pushing through, and am not going to wash my hair until at least tomorrow night…

Day 12 – This is awful. My hair is almost sticky it’s so greasy! Is this how it’s meant to be?! I have pulled my hair back and am wearing my biggest sunglasses on top of my head to hide as much as possible. If it continues at this rate, I will have to invest in a hat.

Day 13 – Washed my hair with bicarb last night. Once again, it immediately felt great, but by this morning it was feeling really greasy again! Although it didn’t look too bad, it didn’t feel nice to touch… Luckily, not many people at work have a habit of touching my hair regularly so can get away with it!

Day 14 – I am so tempted to wash my hair with shampoo tonight! This is driving me mad. However, I also feel like as I have committed 14 days to this it would be a waste not to continue… On we go…

*** I can’t help but feeling I’m doing this all wrong. Is my hair meant to still feel so bad?! There is also so much conflicting advice out there regarding this, so I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing anymore… Should I try other techniques, or stick this out until the end of the month and see how I go?! I am so confused!***

Days 15 – 18 – Following some advice from @dewdropsremedies, I am sticking to a minimum 3 days between washing, and I am not touching my hair in the meantime.

‘So here’s some tips: put the baking soda in your hair dry, for added bonus mix some bentonite clay in too. Let it sit 20min-1hr. While you’re waiting mix half water and half ACV (add essential oils if you like) to a spray bottle. Jump in the shower and give your head a scrub as you’re rinsing the powder off. Once you think it’s all gone spray the vinegar directly on your scalp and rinse again. Then leave your hair alone, don’t look in the mirror, stop touching it tie it up in a bun do whatever you need to do do just leave it alone.’

Days 18 – 20 – I have been repeating the above. After washing I tie my hair up in a bun (its quite short, so it’s a very small bun!) and leave it. I brush it as little as possible each morning (I have to look remotely presentable in the office), and I STILL don’t know if it’s working…

It’s definitely no worse than it was while using shampoo and conditioner but I don’t see any improvement yet. My hair looks OK when pulled back into the bun, although there are days I am tempted by dry shampoo, but as soon as I let it out of the bun, it looks an absolute mess. If only ‘Greasy Scarecrow’ was an acceptable look…

Only ten days left of my original 30 day commitment, and I have to admit, I am partly tempted to carry this on to see if it just needs a little longer to work. I figure, if it is no worse, then I guess I have very little to lose.

Fingers crossed I get some more positive results soon!

I decided to give the ‘No Poo’ Method a go for a month. (If you who don’t know, no, I am not planning on spending a month constipated!) It's is a movement in which people are washing their hair without shampoo. The idea being that it contains chemicals and nasty things which actually strip away the natural oils of the hair. In return, the hair produces more oil to make up for it, which causes hair to become greasy. #nopoomethod#nopoo #shampoo #natural #hair #greasyhair
Can one month shampoo free be the answer to greasy hair?!


No Poo. NO WAY! I gave up at day 28. It was awful, the last week it was just getting worse by the day and I just couldn’t face leaving it even another two days. I caved. Went out and bought myself some nice chemical full shampoos and conditioners and my hair felt amazing! Truly clean for the first time in a month, so light and smooth. I am a bit gutted, because I was really hoping that the natural way would work for me, but in all honestly, I’m just so happy to have clean hair again, I’ll take the chemicals!

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