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‘No Poo’ Method

Last week I decided to give the ‘No Poo’ Method a go for the next month. And no, for those of you who don’t know, I am not planning on spending the next month severely constipated! The ‘No Poo’ method is a movement in which people are washing their hair without using shampoo. The idea being that shampoo contains lots of chemicals and nasty things which actually strip away the natural oils of the hair. In return for this, the hair produces more oil to make up for it, which causes hair to become greasy.

I have suffered from greasy hair my whole life. I wash it at night, and by the morning, it needs a good bit of dry shampoo to get it looking presentable. I have become a slave to having to wash my hair every single day and it feels like a massive waste of time, money and energy.

Day one: I was reading online the alternatives to shampoo and read that ACV is a good natural cleaner that can be used on hair, so thought ‘Brilliant, I’ve got that in my kitchen right now! Let’s start right away!’ … Not impressed, after blow drying my hair it is already greasy! I had read the warning that the first few days/week can be difficult as your hair learns to produce the natural amounts of oil again, but this was ridiculous! NOTE TO SELF: READ ENTIRE ARTICLE BEFORE ACTING. Turns out ACV Vinegar is recommended as a moisturising option, to be used AFTER having cleansed with bicarbonate of soda, only if required. Wow… I feel silly now. And I’ve got a head like a deep fat fryer…

Day two: Have done a bit more research today and bought some bicarbonate of soda. I think I know what I’m doing now. I emptied out my old shampoo and conditioner bottles, and filled one with bicarbonate of soda (1 part) and water (3-4 parts, it wasn’t an exact science), and one bottle with 50% ACV and 50% water. Gave them both a big shake and set about a proper hair wash. Felt a bit weird to be washing my hair with no lather, it almost didn’t feel worth it. I used the bicarb mix on my roots followed by just a small amount of the ACV mixture on the main length and ends. Gave it a quick blowdry, and have to say, it doesn’t look too bad. Not at all greasy and has a decent bit of texture which my hair, in general, is lacking.

Day three: By the morning, my roots were still not greasy (win!) but the length of my hair was feeling quite lank and thin. Hopefully this will improve. Through the day I was thinking it may be possible to go without washing my hair tonight. Good start so far… I’m hopeful!

Day four: Didn’t need to wash my hair last night, but am definitely noticing it this morning… Desperately googling ‘natural alternatives to dry shampoo’ was coming up with a load of ingredients I didn’t have available so I gave in and used my standard aerosol dry shampoo. Not ideal when attempting to rid my hair of chemicals, but sometimes needs must!

Day five: Washed my hair this morning with the bicarb and ACV mixes. I am really surprised how clean my hair feels immediately after the wash, I was expecting it to feel a bit dirty still, but actually feels pretty good. Once dry, it is also looking alright. I think I put too much ACV on the back of my hair near the roots as this area feels particularly greasy, but have been assured by my husband that it looks fine…

Day six: Woke up with a head full of grease again… So tempting to give up, but I want to see this through as long as I can, as I know the first week or so is the hardest. Hopefully it will start getting better soon. My hair is not looking it’s best, and the aim of this experiment was to be able to wait longer between washes, which does not look possible any time soon! Maybe I will wash my hair with water only tonight, perhaps this will buy me an extra day?

Day seven: Couldn’t hold out. Had to wash my hair last night with the bicarb mix and just a little bit of ACV. It feels so clean after washing, but as it dries it just seems to get greasy so quickly. Once again, my hair feels lank and greasy, but doesn’t look too bad so am just going to leave it for today. I am determined to keep going for the month but my resolve is waning.

Day eight: Was once again saved by dry shampoo this morning. Surely the benefits have to begin soon?!

Day nine: Cut out the ACV entirely last night. Felt a bit knotty once washed but nothing a bit of brushing doesn’t solve… as it dried it felt pretty good. Today it felt ok, but thought it looked a bit greasy… but not enough to stress over. I’m still holding on for a few weeks of grease to reach the other side… fingers crossed it pays off…

Day ten: Hair is a little greasier than I’d like, not perfect, and I’m wondering when this interim period is going to end. How long will it take to notice a difference?!

All in all, I’m not fully convinced yet, but its no worse than it was before so will stick with it a little longer and see how where it goes from here. Am going to buy some natural products to use instead of dry shampoo this weekend, as I’m not sure if using the aerosol one is counteracting what I’m trying to do.

I decided to give the ‘No Poo’ Method a go for a month. (If you who don’t know, no, I am not planning on spending a month constipated!) It's is a movement in which people are washing their hair without shampoo. The idea being that it contains chemicals and nasty things which actually strip away the natural oils of the hair. In return, the hair produces more oil to make up for it, which causes hair to become greasy. #nopoomethod#nopoo #shampoo #natural #hair #greasyhair
Can one month shampoo free be the answer to greasy hair?!


UPDATE: You can see how I got on for the rest of the month here.

5 thoughts on “‘No Poo’ Method”

  1. I was once in your position. So here’s some tips: put the baking soda in your hair dry, for added bonus mix some bentonite clay in too. Let it sit 20min-1hr. While you’re waiting mix half water and half ACV (add essential oils if you like) to a spray bottle. Jump in the shower and give your head a scrub as you’re rinsing the powder off. Once you think it’s all gone spray the vinegar directly òn your scalp and rinse again. Then leave your hair alone, don’t look in the mirror, stop touching it tie it up in a bun do whatever you need to do yo just leave it alone. In 3 days repeat this, your scalp will start to adjust but you have been abusing it for years and it will take time to heal. That was the best advice ever given to me on the subject.


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