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What a difference a bag makes!

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After months of moaning about how much I can’t stand our changing bag, I have finally treated myself to the  Babymel Frankie Changing Bag* in navy stripe and I’m already excited to use it! It’s just arrived and I love it!

Buying all the gear before you have the baby makes you feel so prepared, but since having Little K I can’t help but feel like most of it was useless or not as practical as we thought. As far as I was concerned before she was born ‘A changing bag is just a changing bag… it doesn’t matter what one it is…’ Oh how wrong I was!

I just bought the one that matched our pram. I thought it would look good and would be consistent in colours etc… In fact, I bought two that matched our pram; one standard one in matching colour etc, and one super fancy leather one that I thought was amazing because it would look just like a satchel handbag rather than a stereotypical changing bag. It didn’t take me long to realise that there is a reason most people use standard changing bags, because they do the job much better! Within weeks my super stylish bag was resigned to the floor of the hall cupboard and hasn’t seen the light of day since.

I have just carried on using the other original one since then, but absolutely hate it!

The handles annoy me so much, they keep slipping out of place and twisting, and the zip on the top of the bag doesn’t have any give so you can barely pull it apart to put things in and out. The side pockets are too small now she is using beakers, not bottles and we’re now using a different pushchair, so it doesn’t even match anymore! There aren’t enough pockets and I can never find anything! It drives me mad.

I am so pleased with my new purchase and know that it will make such a difference to our days out! Less stress and easily accessible snacks = happy mum and happy baby!

You can read how I got on with the Babymel Frankie here.

Changing Bag - BabyMel Frankie #babymel #changingbag #babychange

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