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Transitions – Moving to the ‘Big room’

Little K started nursery when she was around 11 months in preparation for me going back to work. Since then we have been caught up in a whirlwind of snot, coughs, sniffle and eye gunk (what a pretty picture I paint!), but she loves it. From day one we have not had a single tear (on either side!) and since Day 2 she is practically running from me when we arrive.

Last Friday, when I left her, she ran off to start playing, turned around and blew me a kiss, I blew a kiss back, said goodbye and walked out. And I cried. (We’re not talking full blown sobbing, but there was definitely more than a single tear!)

Why did I cry? Because Friday was her last full day in the ‘Baby room’ before she begins the transition this week to the ‘Big room’. Surely my little girl isn’t big enough for the Big room yet?

But, oh she is. She is so ready to make the move. She has developed so much since attending nursery and I couldn’t be more proud (prouder?!) of how much she has grown. She is kind, playful and confident. She loves being centre of attention and has a great sense of humour.

The Big room, I’m sure, will only enhance her experiences and excite her even more. I have to be honest, it excites me! When joining the Big room, she will be doing yoga once a week and I’m so excited to do this at home with her!

My biggest concern is that in the Big room there is a 2 hour ‘quiet time’ when most of the children will nap. I cannot remember the last time Little K napped for 2 whole hours, and I definitely can’t imagine trying to get her to be quiet for any length of time while other children are napping! I’m sure they will have had plenty of practise of getting rowdy ones quiet… At this point, I guess that’s their problem more than mine, as I won’t be there!

I have no idea how this transition period will go, I have heard so many horror stories about kids who make a move in nursery and stop sleeping, start crying every morning etc. I can only hope and pray that she continues in her easy going manner and takes it all in her stride.

Any advice for how to handle these situations are appreciated!

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