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Social Media Plug

Apparently there is no point in having a blog these days unless you can back it up with a social media presence.

Now this is where I get lost… I have managed to create an Instagram and Facebook page for the blog (@theadlibmummy on both, go follow!), but now have to work out how Twitter works! I had a Twitter account years ago and couldn’t figure it out, so will be spending my day sorting through this… Any advice welcome!


1 thought on “Social Media Plug”

  1. I would say you’re partly right. I think it is beneficial to have a presence on other social platforms in many ways, but I wouldn’t say that you would need to spread youself out on every social media platform used. Like, I got a LinkedIn and a Facebook, but I rarely use them. Got a Twitter, but never use it. Got Instagram and Youtube tho. I would argue that being present (stres that word okay) on few rather than having a profile on many is better.


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